Investitus assists investors (private individuals, families, holding companies, and so on) in selecting and monitoring asset managers.

The financial world is expanding, changing very rapidly and becoming more complex every day. Hedge funds, private equity, commodities : new investment themes and vehicles are emerging and specialised investment skills are required more and more.

Investitus advises investors in selecting the best asset managers in the different asset classes and investment themes, either through individual mandates or through investment funds. In total independence.

In this changing financial environment, control of asset management is of prime importance for those investors who wish to get the best value for their money. Investitus provides a comprehensive monitoring of asset management performances : returns, risks and costs are periodically evaluated, compared and put into perspective.

Our objective: assure better returns, a better risk control and costs savings for our clients, while at the same time simplifying their lives and so giving them more free time.

Case Studies

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