Asset management monitoring

Properly evaluating the quality of performances achieved by asset managers is no mean task : it requires one to take into account not only the delivered return, but also the risks taken, the evolution of the market environment and of peer managers, keeping in mind the assigned objectives and constraints.

And, to be honest, reports produced by asset managers themselves seldom display a comprehensive image of their own achievements.

This service of asset management monitoring can include:

  • Centralising and consolidating portfolio data coming from various asset managers;
  • Analysing returns and risks on a consolidated level, per portfolio, per asset class, and so on;
  • Comparing returns and risks with benchmarks and comparable portfolios;
  • Analysing costs : management costs, custody costs, transaction costs;
  • Checking compliance with constraints and management agreements.

For investors, the advantages of relying on a solid asset management monitoring are clear : having an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the quality of asset management, establishing a deeper and more constructive dialogue with managers, avoiding misunderstandings or disappointments and finally, receiving better performances.
As in other areas, in asset management informed and demanding clients are better served.

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