What is the profile of our customers?

After some years of activity, we can broadly define various types of customers who decided to trust us.

  • Optimizers

They want to have a tighter control of the way their assets are managed. They perceive that performances have been sometimes poor in the past and they want henceforth to be able to rationally evaluate their managers. They are surprised by the fact that their portfolio is full of in-house funds (i.e. funds managed by their bank itself) that are not the best choices in all asset classes. They strongly believe (like we do) that being more informed and demanding, as an investor, is efficient in order to obtain better performances in the future.

  • Consolidators

Over the years their assets have been distributed among several managers in Belgium and abroad. They receive reports from all these managers, which represent a lot of paper every month. Their primary need is to have a consolidated view of their fortune and to appraise and compare the performances of their managers. Their objective is often to centralize management in favor of a smaller number of institutions. But how does one make good choices?

  • Savers

They perceive (and often with reason) that the fees and commissions paid annually to their managers are immoderate and heavily drag the return on their investments. They need help to re-negotiate fees and tariffs while at the same time maintaining a good relationship with their managers who have been in charge for so many years, some of whom have even become close friends.

  • Finance-averse

They want their assets to be well managed in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy stable returns. Consequently, they want to control what their managers are doing with their money. But at the same time they hate crunching numbers, they are not in the least interested in financial market jolts and don’t want to spend time on that, preferring fields that they like or over which they have control.

Of course these profiles are simplistic and everyone could recognize certain aspects of themselves in several of them.

If you would like more information on this please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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